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TimeMoney Growth screen

This is the TimeMoney input keyboard / calculator.

Here you enter, or change, the computation values.

You can also use this view as a calculator to perform any calculations on intermediate values, or for any other purpose.

The calculator has been optimised for financial calculations. It has two display fields for Whole Part (Main Currency) and Fractional Part (Small Change). Tapping a display field makes it active - the numeric keys and the "C" key operate on that field.

Tapping "Accept" will set the value in the main view to the value shown in the calculator money fields.

Tapping "Cancel" will leave the computation unchanged.

To see how TimeMoney works you can click with your mouse on the fields and buttons on the above image. You cannot change the computation values in this demo, but you can navigate through the different iPhone views as in a real iPhone. And, if you have a real iPhone (iPod), you can get a real TimeMoney from the App Store .