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With Money Growth you can calculate investments, loans, mortgages, funds, annuities, and anything that grows with time.

To perform a computation: (1) enter the known values by clicking the value fields and keying in the numbers, then (2) click the button to get the result.

For example: To compute the amount payable every quarter to repay a loan of 1,000 USD over 4 years at a growth rate of 5 percent per year, enter:

  • Time: 4,
  • Frequency: 4 (quarterly - 4 times a year),
  • Growth (%): 5,
  • PV: 1000 (Present Value),
  • then click the Payment button
- the result in the Payment field will be: 69.35.

So, start watching and growing your money ...

Get MoneyGrowth from Android Market™ ... NOW!

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