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Whenever you want to know
  • how many days (or years, months, days) you have lived in this world,
  • or how many days are left till His/Her bithday,
  • or how long lasted Word War I,
  • or the project you have been working on,
  • or what date will it be 3 years, 5 months and 23 days from now
  • or was 55 year, 9 months, 19 days ago -
DaysCalc will give you the answer.

Designed for simplicity of use, DaysCalc offers the most efficient and foolproof data entry: you never do more than 4 taps for a year, or 2 taps for a month or day.

This version of DaysCalc for the Windows App Store uses the proleptic Gregorian calendar from 0001-01-01 AD to 9999-12-31 AD.

The last computation is preserved, and is displayed in the wide tile of your Windows Start Screen. (You need to add the DaysCalc tile to the Star Screen, and to select the Wide tile size).

The 'Now' button sets the corresponding date to be automatically updated to the current date. This also updates the tile, even when the app is not open. Entering the date from the Date button, resets the date to a static date as selected.

To count the number of days to a future date (How many days till ... ?), set the Start Date 'Now' button to 'NOW'.

To count how many days elapsed from a past date (How old are you?), set the End Date 'Now' button to 'NOW'.

If both the 'Now' buttons are set to 'Now', by entering from the Date buttons, they both become fixed. This is useful for past known events.

The calculations can be named, saved, deleted and selected from a list.

You can keep records of dates, like dates of birth (and deaths) of family members, friends and historical personalities. Or dates of historical events, or of start and end of projects. And the currently selected computation will be displayed on the App tile and updated with the current date, if a 'NOW' is set.

So, don't get lost in Time ...

Get DaysCalc on your Windows Phone ... NOW!

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