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Watch the moon day by day ... see all the days for 19998 years and ... Available on the App Store
iPhone screen with FullMoon Badge

FullMoon is more than TheMoon. It still shows you the phase of the moon for each day, but it also shows you all the days from year 9999 before the Hijra to year 9999 after the Hijra.

And it shows you those special days for each month of the year, like Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha, and it comes with 93 events, which you can delete and edit, and you can add events of your own.

And when you exit FullMoon, it marks its application badge with the month and day of the next event of your interest.

You can adjust the date in accordance with moon sightings for your area, and the time of the appearance of the Moon from after 12:00 (at 13:00) to after 23:00 (at 00:00).

You can also search for the events of your interest both in Arabic and English.

The iPhone image above shows a red banner on the FullMoon application badge, if you click on it, you will be taken to the FullMoon Moon View.

And to return to this start page from all the other views, you can click the main iPhone button, like on the real iPhone.

NOTE: The events provided with FullMoon have been collected from different sources, including user requests, and some events are observed by different people on different dates, and not all people observe all the events, so users can edit delete or add events as it suits them. Dalasoft Limited does NOT endorse, recommend, or has any preference for any of the events or the dates on which they are observed, nor does it have any objections to any of them. They are just provided for the users' convenience.