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BodyWeight shows graphically the body contour shape, given the height and weight, and shows instantly by color when the weight exceeds the Body Mass Index limits for the given height (underweight - blue, normal - green, overweight - magenta, and obese - red).

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is the ratio of weight (kg) to the square of the height (m), that is w / h2 . BMI is used for monitoring a person's weight in prevention of obesity and underweight.

The height is shown in inches in the slider and in metres and feet and inches above the sliders.

The weight is shown in pounds in the slider and in kilograms and stones and pounds above the sliders.


  1. Select your body height by sliding the Top Slider.
  2. Select your body weight by sliding the Bottom Slider.
  3. BodyWeight will show the outline of your body and display the BMI, as well as height and weight in the Imperial and Metric units.
Does not apply to pregnancy conditions.

Operation: BlackBerry™ devices provide different ways of user interaction (touch screens, trackballs, D-Pads, keyboards) and BodyWeight works with all of them. For further details click here.

So, watch your weight ...

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